Dengue Around the World

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  • Dengue outbreaks are occurring in many countries of the world in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.
  • Anyone who lives in or travels to an area with risk of dengue is at risk for infection. More detailed maps about dengue risk by region are available in the CDC Yellow Book.
  • For up-to-date information on areas where dengue has recently been reported, see Dengue Map (NOTE: This map is not supported if using Internet Explorer)
  • Traveling? Find country-specific travel information and advice.
Map of areas with dengue risk in the world

Map of areas with dengue risk.


Level of risk of Dengue in African countries
Country Level of Risk
Angola Sporadic/Uncertain
Benin Sporadic/Uncertain
Burkina Faso Frequent/Continuous
Burundi Sporadic/Uncertain
Cameroon Sporadic/Uncertain
Cape Verde Sporadic/Uncertain
Central African Republic Sporadic/Uncertain
Chad Sporadic/Uncertain
Comoros Sporadic/Uncertain
Congo Sporadic/Uncertain
Congo (Democratic republic of) Sporadic/Uncertain
Cote d’Ivoire Sporadic/Uncertain
Djibouti Frequent/Continuous
Egypt Sporadic/Uncertain
Equatorial Guinea Sporadic/Uncertain
Eritrea Frequent/Continuous
Ethiopia Frequent/Continuous
Gabon Sporadic/Uncertain
Gambia Sporadic/Uncertain
Ghana Sporadic/Uncertain
Guinea Sporadic/Uncertain
Guinea-Bissau Sporadic/Uncertain
Kenya Frequent/Continuous
Liberia Sporadic/Uncertain
Madagascar Sporadic/Uncertain
Malawi Sporadic/Uncertain
Mali Sporadic/Uncertain
Mauritius Sporadic/Uncertain
Mayotte Sporadic/Uncertain
Mozambique Sporadic/Uncertain
Namibia Sporadic/Uncertain
Niger Sporadic/Uncertain
Nigeria Sporadic/Uncertain
Reunion Sporadic/Uncertain
Rwanda Sporadic/Uncertain
Sao Tome and Principe Sporadic/Uncertain
Senegal Sporadic/Uncertain
Seychelles Sporadic/Uncertain
Sierra Leone Sporadic/Uncertain
Somalia Frequent/Continuous
South Sudan Sporadic/Uncertain
Sudan Frequent/Continuous
Togo Sporadic/Uncertain
Uganda Sporadic/Uncertain
United Republic of Tanzania Frequent/Continuous
Zambia Sporadic/Uncertain
Zimbabwe Sporadic/Uncertain



Level of risk of Dengue in Asian countries
Country Level of Risk
Afghanistan Sporadic/Uncertain
Aksai Chin Sporadic/Uncertain
Bangladesh Frequent/Continuous
Bhutan Frequent/Continuous
Brunei Darussalam Frequent/Continuous
Cambodia Frequent/Continuous
China Risk varies based on region. See map.
Hong Kong Sporadic/Uncertain
India Risk varies based on region. See map.
Indonesia Frequent/Continuous
Iran  (Islamic Republic of) Sporadic/Uncertain
Jammu and Kashmir Sporadic/Uncertain
Japan Sporadic/Uncertain
Lao People’s Democratic Republic Frequent/Continuous
Macau Sporadic/Uncertain
Malaysia Frequent/Continuous
Myanmar Frequent/Continuous
Nepal Frequent/Continuous
Oman Sporadic/Uncertain
Pakistan Risk varies based on region. See map.
Philippines Frequent/Continuous
Republic of Korea Sporadic/Uncertain
Saudi Arabia Risk varies based on region. See map.
Singapore Sporadic/Uncertain
Sri Lanka Frequent/Continuous
Taiwan Frequent/Continuous
Thailand Frequent/Continuous
Timor-Leste Frequent/Continuous
Viet Nam Frequent/Continuous
Yemen Frequent/Continuous



Level of risk of Dengue in European countries
Country Level of Risk
Croatia Sporadic/Uncertain
France Sporadic/Uncertain
Madeira Islands Sporadic/Uncertain


Level of risk of Dengue in countries in the Americas
Country Level of Risk
Anguilla Sporadic/Uncertain
Antigua and Barbuda Frequent/Continuous
Argentina Risk varies based on region. See map.
Aruba Frequent/Continuous
Bahamas Frequent/Continuous
Barbados Frequent/Continuous
Belize Frequent/Continuous
Bermuda Sporadic/Uncertain
Bolivia Frequent/Continuous
Brazil Frequent/Continuous
British Virgin Islands Frequent/Continuous
Cayman Islands Frequent/Continuous
Chile Frequent/Continuous
Colombia Frequent/Continuous
Costa Rica Frequent/Continuous
Cuba Frequent/Continuous
Dominica Frequent/Continuous
Dominican Republic Frequent/Continuous
Ecuador Sporadic/Uncertain
El Salvador Frequent/Continuous
French Guiana Frequent/Continuous
Grenada Frequent/Continuous
Guadeloupe Frequent/Continuous
Guatemala Frequent/Continuous
Guyana Frequent/Continuous
Haiti Frequent/Continuous
Honduras Frequent/Continuous
Jamaica Frequent/Continuous
Martinique Frequent/Continuous
Mexico Risk varies based on region. See map.
Montserrat Sporadic/Uncertain
Netherlands Antilles Frequent/Continuous
Nicaragua Frequent/Continuous
Panama Frequent/Continuous
Paraguay Frequent/Continuous
Peru Risk varies based on region. See map.
Puerto Rico Frequent/Continuous
Saint Kitts and Nevis Frequent/Continuous
Saint Lucia Frequent/Continuous
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Frequent/Continuous
Suriname Frequent/Continuous
Trinidad and Tobago Frequent/Continuous
Turks and Caicos Frequent/Continuous
United States Virgin Islands Frequent/Continuous
Uruguay Sporadic/Uncertain
Venezuela Frequent/Continuous

Oceania/Pacific Islands


Level of risk of Dengue in Oceania/Pacific Islands
Country Level of Risk
American Samoa Frequent/Continuous
Australia Frequent/Continuous
Cook Islands Frequent/Continuous
Fiji Frequent/Continuous
French Polynesia Frequent/Continuous
Kiribati Sporadic/Uncertain
Maldives Frequent/Continuous
Marshall Islands Frequent/Continuous
Micronesia (Federated States of) Frequent/Continuous
Nauru Sporadic/Uncertain
New Caledonia Frequent/Continuous
Niue Sporadic/Uncertain
Northern Mariana Islands Sporadic/Uncertain
Palau Frequent/Continuous
Papua New Guinea Frequent/Continuous
Samoa Sporadic/Uncertain
Solomon Islands Frequent/Continuous
Tokelau Sporadic/Uncertain
Tonga Frequent/Continuous
Tuvalu Sporadic/Uncertain
Vanuatu Sporadic/Uncertain
Wallis and Futuna Sporadic/Uncertain

*Mosquitoes that can spread dengue usually live in places below 6,500 feet. The chances of getting dengue from mosquitoes living above that altitude are very low.