Dengue Around the World

Family is waiting at the airport for their plane.
  • Dengue outbreaks are occurring in many countries of the world in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.
  • Anyone who lives in or travels to an area with risk of dengue is at risk for infection. Before you travel, find country-specific travel information to help you plan and pack.
  • For up-to-date information on areas where dengue has recently been reported, see Dengue Map (NOTE: This map is not supported if using Internet Explorer)
  • Traveling? Find country-specific travel information and advice.


Level of risk of Dengue in African countries
Country Level of Risk
Angola Sporadic/Uncertain
Benin Sporadic/Uncertain
Burkina Faso Frequent/Continuous
Burundi Sporadic/Uncertain
Cameroon Sporadic/Uncertain
Cape Verde Sporadic/Uncertain
Central African Republic Sporadic/Uncertain
Chad Sporadic/Uncertain
Comoros Sporadic/Uncertain
Congo Sporadic/Uncertain
Congo (Democratic republic of) Sporadic/Uncertain
Cote d’Ivoire Sporadic/Uncertain
Djibouti Frequent/Continuous
Egypt Sporadic/Uncertain
Equatorial Guinea Sporadic/Uncertain
Eritrea Frequent/Continuous
Ethiopia Frequent/Continuous
Gabon Sporadic/Uncertain
Gambia Sporadic/Uncertain
Ghana Sporadic/Uncertain
Guinea Sporadic/Uncertain
Guinea-Bissau Sporadic/Uncertain
Kenya Frequent/Continuous
Liberia Sporadic/Uncertain
Madagascar Sporadic/Uncertain
Malawi Sporadic/Uncertain
Mali Sporadic/Uncertain
Mauritius Sporadic/Uncertain
Mayotte Sporadic/Uncertain
Mozambique Sporadic/Uncertain
Namibia Sporadic/Uncertain
Niger Sporadic/Uncertain
Nigeria Sporadic/Uncertain
Reunion Sporadic/Uncertain
Rwanda Sporadic/Uncertain
Sao Tome and Principe Sporadic/Uncertain
Senegal Sporadic/Uncertain
Seychelles Sporadic/Uncertain
Sierra Leone Sporadic/Uncertain
Somalia Frequent/Continuous
South Sudan Sporadic/Uncertain
Sudan Frequent/Continuous
Togo Sporadic/Uncertain
Uganda Sporadic/Uncertain
United Republic of Tanzania Frequent/Continuous
Zambia Sporadic/Uncertain
Zimbabwe Sporadic/Uncertain



Level of risk of Dengue in Asian countries
Country Level of Risk
Afghanistan Sporadic/Uncertain
Aksai Chin Sporadic/Uncertain
Bangladesh Frequent/Continuous
Bhutan Frequent/Continuous
Brunei Darussalam Frequent/Continuous
Cambodia Frequent/Continuous
China Risk varies based on region. See map.
Hong Kong Sporadic/Uncertain
India Risk varies based on region. See map.
Indonesia Frequent/Continuous
Iran  (Islamic Republic of) Sporadic/Uncertain
Jammu and Kashmir Sporadic/Uncertain
Japan Sporadic/Uncertain
Lao People’s Democratic Republic Frequent/Continuous
Macau Sporadic/Uncertain
Malaysia Frequent/Continuous
Myanmar Frequent/Continuous
Nepal Frequent/Continuous
Oman Sporadic/Uncertain
Pakistan Risk varies based on region. See map.
Philippines Frequent/Continuous
Republic of Korea Sporadic/Uncertain
Saudi Arabia Risk varies based on region. See map.
Singapore Sporadic/Uncertain
Sri Lanka Frequent/Continuous
Taiwan Frequent/Continuous
Thailand Frequent/Continuous
Timor-Leste Frequent/Continuous
Viet Nam Frequent/Continuous
Yemen Frequent/Continuous



Level of risk of Dengue in European countries
Country Level of Risk
Croatia Sporadic/Uncertain
France Sporadic/Uncertain
Madeira Islands Sporadic/Uncertain


Level of risk of Dengue in countries in the Americas
Country Level of Risk
Anguilla Sporadic/Uncertain
Antigua and Barbuda Frequent/Continuous
Argentina Risk varies based on region. See map.
Aruba Frequent/Continuous
Bahamas Frequent/Continuous
Barbados Frequent/Continuous
Belize Frequent/Continuous
Bermuda Sporadic/Uncertain
Bolivia Frequent/Continuous
Brazil Frequent/Continuous
British Virgin Islands Frequent/Continuous
Cayman Islands Frequent/Continuous
Chile Frequent/Continuous
Colombia Frequent/Continuous
Costa Rica Frequent/Continuous
Cuba Frequent/Continuous
Dominica Frequent/Continuous
Dominican Republic Frequent/Continuous
Ecuador Sporadic/Uncertain
El Salvador Frequent/Continuous
French Guiana Frequent/Continuous
Grenada Frequent/Continuous
Guadeloupe Frequent/Continuous
Guatemala Frequent/Continuous
Guyana Frequent/Continuous
Haiti Frequent/Continuous
Honduras Frequent/Continuous
Jamaica Frequent/Continuous
Martinique Frequent/Continuous
Mexico Risk varies based on region. See map.
Montserrat Sporadic/Uncertain
Netherlands Antilles Frequent/Continuous
Nicaragua Frequent/Continuous
Panama Frequent/Continuous
Paraguay Frequent/Continuous
Peru Risk varies based on region. See map.
Puerto Rico Frequent/Continuous
Saint Kitts and Nevis Frequent/Continuous
Saint Lucia Frequent/Continuous
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Frequent/Continuous
Suriname Frequent/Continuous
Trinidad and Tobago Frequent/Continuous
Turks and Caicos Frequent/Continuous
United States Virgin Islands Frequent/Continuous
Uruguay Sporadic/Uncertain
Venezuela Frequent/Continuous

Oceania/Pacific Islands


Level of risk of Dengue in Oceania/Pacific Islands
Country Level of Risk
American Samoa Frequent/Continuous
Australia Frequent/Continuous
Cook Islands Frequent/Continuous
Fiji Frequent/Continuous
French Polynesia Frequent/Continuous
Kiribati Sporadic/Uncertain
Maldives Frequent/Continuous
Marshall Islands Frequent/Continuous
Micronesia (Federated States of) Frequent/Continuous
Nauru Sporadic/Uncertain
New Caledonia Frequent/Continuous
Niue Sporadic/Uncertain
Northern Mariana Islands Sporadic/Uncertain
Palau Frequent/Continuous
Papua New Guinea Frequent/Continuous
Samoa Sporadic/Uncertain
Solomon Islands Frequent/Continuous
Tokelau Sporadic/Uncertain
Tonga Frequent/Continuous
Tuvalu Sporadic/Uncertain
Vanuatu Sporadic/Uncertain
Wallis and Futuna Sporadic/Uncertain

*Mosquitoes that can spread dengue usually live in places below 6,500 feet. The chances of getting dengue from mosquitoes living above that altitude are very low.