Travel Tips for People Who Wear Contact Lenses


With so much to see on your next travel adventure, don’t let an eye infection get in the way. Take care of your contact lens so you can enjoy the sights of your destination.

As you prepare for your trip, follow these tips to help prevent contact lens-related eye infections.

Keep your eyes healthy for your spring break selfie. Got contacts? Keep a spare pair and follow proper lens wear and care. For Facebook.

Before You Go

  • Make sure your contact lens prescription is up-to-date. Visit your eye care provider yearly or as often as they recommend.
  • Replace your contact lens case every three months.
  • Pack backup supplies, including contact lens case, contacts, glasses, and solution — just in case you lose anything.

During Your Trip

  • Your eyes need a break too. Take out your contact lenses before you sleep, shower, or swim. Wearing contact lenses to bed or exposing them to water increases the risk of painful eye infections.
  • Don’t swim or shower while wearing contact lenses because germs can be carried from the water into your eye.
  • Replace your contact lenses as often as recommended by your eye care provider.
  • Use only fresh contact lens solution – never water – to store your lenses after each use.
    • Never mix fresh solution with old or used solution.
  • Don’t buy contact lenses unless they have been prescribed for you. Wearing contacts without a prescription can pose serious risks to your sight and eye health.

Promote healthy contact lens wear and care for Spring Break 2020!

From March 2 – March 6, 2020, CDC will share information and materials for teen and young adult contact lens wearers on the importance of properly wearing and caring for contact lenses while traveling. This year’s theme is “Spring into action – practice healthy contact lens habits.”

Get Involved

  • Download and share spring break-themed partner toolkit and use CDC’s messages to spread the word about healthy contact lens wear and care.
  • Use CDC’s sample social media posts and use the hashtags #SpringBreak2019 and #SpringIntoAction.
  • Share CDC’s Contact Lenses digital buttons and badges on your websites, blogs, and social media channels.
  • Order or download posters to promote healthy contact lens wear and care habits and free tear-off pads that have valuable contact lens tips.

Find more wear and care tips for healthy and safe eyes all year long.

Page last reviewed: February 28, 2020