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The messages and images below are intended for organizations, eye care providers, public health officials, and the public to use with social media tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Each message is 280 characters or less, per Twitter requirements, and buttons and badges are optimized for social media. Messages may be used as written or customized to address local or other specific needs.

Messages for Campaigns & Observances

Contact Lens Health Week is August 19-23. 2019. Image of a woman putting in a contact lens.

Sample social media messages:


  • Going on Spring Break with your contact lenses? Remember to carry a spare pair of glasses too!
  • Headed to the beach or pool for Spring Break? Take those contact lenses out before you jump in! No H2O
  • Spring Break contact lens tip: Mom says, be sure to bring enough contact lens supplies when you travel.
  • Partying on Spring Break? No risky business—take your contact lenses out before bed, even if you’re up late!
  • Spring Break tip: Avoid that sketchy pair. All contacts lenses require a prescription—even decorative ones.

  • 2 in 3 contact lens wearers are women. Follow these tips for healthy eyes with contacts: #WomensEyeHealthMonth
  • Ladies, keep your eyes healthy! Check out CDC’s tips for contact lens wearers. #WomensEyeHealthMonth
  • It’s #WomensEyeHealthMonth! Keep your eyes healthy while wearing contacts.

General Contact Lens Health Messages

  • Planning a summer trip and packing up your contact lenses? Remember to pack an extra pair of eye glasses. icon
  • Swimming at the beach or pool this summer? Take your contacts out before jumping in the water! icon
  • Summer contact lens tip: Pack enough contact lens supplies when you travel and always be sure to carry a pair of glasses with you. icon
  • Staying up late on summer nights? Remember that sleeping in contacts is risky business—take your contacts out before bed, even if you’re up late! icon
  • Don’t let an eye infection ruin your summer vacation. Follow CDC contact lens tips: icon

  • Do your patients wear contact lenses? Talk to them about healthy contact lens wear and care habits, so they know how to prevent eye infections. icon

More Information

Visit the Buttons and Badges page to find graphics that can be used on social media channels.

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