Keep Your Eyes Safe on Halloween

A person wearing a skeleton costume next to text that reads: Beware - wearing decorative contact lenses without a prescription can harm your eyes! Protect your eyes this Halloween.

Don’t let an eye infection be the scariest part of your Halloween. Using decorative lenses without a valid prescription can cause serious harm to your eyes—haunting you long after October 31. You can safely buy contact lenses from eye doctors’ offices, online, or by mail order with a valid prescription. Do not purchase decorative contact lenses from costume shops, online stores, beauty salons, drug stores, flea markets, or anywhere that doesn’t require a prescription. When decorative contact lenses are sold without a prescription, proper fitting, and education from an eye doctor, there may be a higher chance of contact lens-related eye problems. Decorative lenses purchased without a prescription may not fit properly, leaving the eye more susceptible to scratches on the outer layer of the eye, or getting an ulcer (an open sore) on the cornea- the clear covering over the front of the eye. The result of a scratch or sore can be scarring, infection, and permanent vision reduction or loss.

Don't let an eye infection be the scariest part of your Halloween.

Educate yourself and others about the dangers (including eye sores and vision loss) of using decorative contact lenses without a prescription. Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween and practice healthy contact lens wear and care.

Follow these tips when considering decorative contact lenses.

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