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Data Behind Contact Lens Wear and Care Recommendations

Wearing and caring for contact lenses properly is critical to keeping the eyes healthy and preventing eye infections; however, the majority of contact lens wearers 1 do not practice proper contact lens hygiene. Since 2006, in the US there have been three outbreaks of Acanthamoeba keratitis 2,3 and Fusarium keratitis 4—both of which are very serious and sometimes blinding types of eye infections. These outbreaks have brought attention to contact lens wearer hygiene and the need for consistent information about how to wear and care for contact lenses to help prevent such infections.

CDC—with feedback from experts in optometry, ophthalmology, opticianry, and infectious diseases—encourages contact lens wearers to follow these recommendations, which are based on data from a number of studies. The articles listed here give information on each CDC recommendation but are not intended to be a comprehensive list of references. For additional articles related to contact lens wear and care, visit the Publications, Data, & Statistics page.

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