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Cyber Cancer Registry

The Cyber Cancer Registry is an interactive virtual registry system for developing and assessing the skills of cancer registry personnel. This virtual registry provides new cancer registrars an opportunity to gain hands-on practice in core areas of cancer registry operations.

The Cyber Cancer Registry gives immediate feedback to the user through practical exercises and assessments to evaluate the level of competency, track training scores, and provide a certificate of completion for each assessment.

Use of the Cyber Cancer Registry can serve to satisfy part of the clinical practicum for formal education programs approved by the National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA).

Questions and Answers

How does the Cyber Cancer Registry work?
Using real, de-identified medical records provided by registrars working in the field, the Cyber Cancer Registry provides users a simulated registry experience through a Web-based application. The medical records present varying degrees of difficulty and challenging situations in which coding rules and instructions must be applied.

What are the components of the Cyber Cancer Registry?
The Cyber Cancer Registry consists of modules pertaining to the core functions of cancer registration in hospital and central cancer registry settings. The first available module is Casefinding (cancer case identification). This module is a virtual hospital setting with casefinding sources that include pathology reports, medical record disease indices, medical discharge logs, radiation oncology logs, and medical oncology logs. Other functions such as abstracting cancer cases are planned for future releases.

What NPCR core education values are fulfilled by the Cyber Cancer Registry?

  • Education and training are essential elements in cancer data quality, completeness, and timeliness.
  • Educational content must respond to issues identified through data quality assurance activities.
  • Education and training must be offered continuously in diverse formats and methods of access.

Cyber Cancer Registry bookmark

Download and print a Cyber Cancer Registry bookmark. [PDF-502KB]