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These pages are not intended to be the sole source of information to establish cancer registry security policy, but rather to provide general guidance to cancer registries addressing data security concerns.

All NPCR programs must develop data security policies that are specific to the needs of the registry. These data security policies should be reviewed annually and address the requirements of any organization in which the registry operates, such as a university, department of public health, or hospital.

All NPCR programs must develop and maintain expertise in addressing data security issues among its own staff. Other types of cancer registries should contract, hire, or independently develop the capability to understand and maintain data security.

CDC is willing to help NPCR programs as they address data security issues. Support is provided exclusively by telephone and e-mail. CDC is not staffed to provide on-site services, nor can we support hospitals, clinics, laboratories, or other private users.

For technical support via e-mail, contact