Registry Plus™ XMLExchange Plus

XMLExchange Plus and XMLPlus.dll are tools for reading and writing data exchange files formatted according to the NAACCR XML Data Exchange Standard Implementation Guide.External

Tasks performed by XMLExchange Plus include—

  • Dictionary Maintenance. This module is intended to help users who are not XML experts produce valid NAACCR XML dictionaries. This audience includes metafile administrators who may be asked to define a user dictionary based upon custom items collected at their registry.
  • Convert. This module converts data exchange files from the flat-buffer format to NAACCR XML format, or from NAACCR XML format to flat-buffer format.
  • Validate. Validation compares the contents of each item in the NAACCR XML data file to the definitions in the dictionary file(s) named in the header of the data file.
  • Run EDITS. This module runs EDITS against a NAACCR XML data file and creates a GenEDITS-style report (detail and summary).

Hardware and Software Requirements

XMLExchange Plus and XMLPlus.dll are developed for Microsoft® Windows® versions XP and subsequent. The minimum hardware requirements are the same as those of the operating system used. If your computer runs Windows satisfactorily, it should do well with these programs.

These products are published for Microsoft Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Installation Instructions for XMLExchange Plus and XMLPlus.dll

Refer to the XMLExchange Plus release notes after installing for details about the current version. If you are using these tools for the first time, read the “Getting Started” chapter in the help file, XMLExchangePlus.chm.

Download the installer for XMLExchange Plus—

Each of these installers includes—

  • XMLExchange Plus release notes.
  • XMLExchangePlus.exe.
  • XMLPlus.dll.
  • A context-sensitive user help file (XMLExchangePlus.chm), including complete programmer documentation (XMLPlus API).
  • The NAACCR XML base dictionary for the current version of the NAACCR XML Standard.
  • A user dictionary containing items omitted from the base dictionary but included in the official NAACCR metafile.
  • The current version of EDITS50.dll and CStage0205.dll for running EDITS.

Technical Support

For technical support via e-mail, contact

Page last reviewed: November 19, 2018