XMLExchange Plus

XMLExchange Plus is a tool for reading and writing data exchange files formatted according to the NAACCR XML Data Exchange Standard.external icon

Tasks performed by XMLExchange Plus include—

  • Dictionary Maintenance. This module is intended to help users who are not XML experts produce valid NAACCR XML dictionaries. This audience includes metafile administrators who may be asked to define a user dictionary based upon custom items collected at their registry.
  • Convert. This module converts data exchange files from the flat-buffer format to NAACCR XML format (NAACCR v18 only), from NAACCR XML format to flat-buffer format, and from NAACCR XML format to delimited format.
  • Produce Flat and Delimited Files. XMLExchange Plus was developed to work with analytic software tools such as R and SAS, which do not accept NAACCR-formatted XML data files as inputs, but can accept flat and delimited files produced by this application to perform data manipulation, statistical calculation, and graphical display.
  • Run EDITS. This module runs EDITS against a NAACCR XML data file and creates a GenEDITS-style report (detail and summary).
  • Import, View, Update, Export NAACCR Data. This module allows users to Import NAACCR files, View the data in a grid, Update individual records in grid cells or apply batch updates for file manipulation, Export updated files with or without application of filter criteria, anonymize confidential data, and includes a feature to split files by number of records or by a field value.
  • Validation. This module runs schema validation to verify the xml file is a valid NAACCR xml document and that the file does not contain any data items that are not defined in the base or user-defined dictionary. It also validates the data type and length of each data item and produces a validation report.

System Requirements

XMLExchange Plus has been developed for Microsoft® Windows® 10 and subsequent operating systems. The minimum hardware requirements are the same as those of the operating system used. If your computer runs Windows satisfactorily, it should do well with this program.

Installing XMLExchange Plus 2.1

Version, build date September 7, 2021

This release of XMLExchange Plus addresses programming modifications needed for creating user dictionaries for NAACCR v22 due to changes in requirements for NPCR data items. NPCR data items are included in the NAACCR Base Dictionary effective with v22 and are no longer automatically added to new user dictionaries created in XMLExchange Plus. Additional information regarding NPCR items can be found in the XMLExchange Plus manual after install.

The XMLExchange Plus installer includes—

  • A readme file. Its contents also are displayed in the main window when the application is opened.
  • A PDF version of the XMLExchange Plus manual that can be accessed from the Help menu.
  • The NAACCR XML base dictionary for the current version of the NAACCR XML Standard.
    The base dictionaries were final at the time of release of XMLExchange Plus but are subject to change over time and can be replaced in the XMLExchange Plus Dictionary folder. Please check NAACCR’s websiteexternal icon for the latest versions of the base dictionaries and replace the dictionaries in the Data Dictionary folder as needed.

To install the latest version of XML Exchange Plus—

  • Uninstall XML Exchange Plus if a previous version is installed.
  • Delete all files remaining in the XMLExchangePlus application folder after un-install except for folders. Folders should be retained to save user dictionaries, scripts, and reports previously generated.
  • Download the latest version of XMLExchange Plus, XMLExchangePlusInstaller.zip (ZIP file, 8 MB, September 7, 2021) to your computer.
  • Unzip the file and run setup.exe to install the application.

Technical Support

For technical support, contact cancerinformatics@cdc.gov.

Page last reviewed: February 16, 2021