NPCR–EDITS Technical Support

Online help is provided within the NPCR–EDITS software for your reference. To access it, press the F1 key.

For technical support via e-mail, contact

State central cancer registries are the primary users of NPCR–EDITS. CDC helps states set up the software and perform customization. Periodic software updates and problem-solving are also provided to the extent of available resources. Our support is provided exclusively by telephone, virtual meeting platforms, and e-mail. CDC is not staffed to provide on-site services, nor can we support hospitals, clinics, laboratories, or other private users.

A state central registry or other institution redistributing NPCR–EDITS software should provide all support to users and develop expertise in using the software among its own staff. Other users of NPCR–EDITS software should contract, hire, or develop capability independently to understand and maintain the software applications.

To learn more about NPCR–EDITS, please visit Getting Started with NPCR–EDITS. NPCR–EDITS and EditWriter include online help.

Page last reviewed: December 14, 2021