Hardware and Software Requirements

EditWriter and GenEDITS Plus are based on the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. The minimum hardware requirements are the same as those of the operating system used. If your computer runs Windows satisfactorily, it should do well with these programs.

The Edit Engine is provided for Microsoft Windows as a dynamic link library (EDITS51.DLL) in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


Metafiles are portable SQLite databases. A custom metafile is created using EditWriter and utilized by editing software such as NPCR’s GenEDITS Plus.

Please download the latest metafiles from—

Installing EditWriter

Download EditWriter—

The download includes—

  • Release notes.
  • A context-sensitive user help file.
  • Programmer documentation.
  • CStage0205.dll (for running Collaborative Stage edits).
  • A tool for viewing and querying SQLite metafiles provided as an aid to programmers (MetafileBrowser and Metafile_Browser.chm).
  • Configuration files for generating reports as Microsoft Word and XML/XHTML documents.

Installing GenEDITS Plus

Before downloading GenEDITS version, please uninstall the previous version of GenEDITS.

Download GenEDITS Plus for V23 metafiles (Release Date: May 25, 2023): GenEditsSetup_05_25_2023.zip (compressed file, 27 MB)

Unzip and double-click on setup.exe to begin the setup program. Instructions for using GenEDITS Plus are in the Help document installed with the program.

GenEDITS Plus Release Notes

  • Release date: May 25, 2023.
  • GenEDITS Plus is for use with NAACCR version 21, 22 and 23 XML metafiles.
  • GenEDITS Plus uses EDITS51.DLL and works with metafiles with or without record layout definitions. Therefore, it will support NAACCR version 23 metafiles that do not have record layout definitions as well as prior NAACCR version metafiles that have record layout definitions.
  • The base dictionaries preloaded into GenEDITS Plus were final at the time of release and are subject to change over time. Base dictionaries can be replaced in the GenEDITS Plus Data Dictionary folder. Please check the NAACCR website for the latest base dictionaries and replace the dictionaries in the Data Dictionary folder as needed.


EDITS51.DLL does not require a record layout definition in the edits metafile. Client applications pass data to be edited as an array of key-value pairs rather than a fixed-column position flat string as in the previous version (EDITS50.DLL).



Two sample applications written in C# and C++ are available for download. The Readme document included in the download package documents Edits APIs that have been updated. The DLLs folder in the package contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of EDITS51.DLL.

Download Edits51Sample.zip (compressed file, 137 MB).

EDITS60API Beta Version

EDITS60API is a web API that provides HTTP endpoints to edit functions. EDITS60API was developed using the ASP.NET Core web development framework and can be hosted on both Windows and Linux machines. It supports all client applications that can make calls to RESTful APIs, regardless of language and platform.

This API supports the following functions—

  • Hosting multiple metafiles.
  • Adding and deleting edit metafiles.
  • Querying metafiles to list edit sets, edits, and fields.
  • Running one or more edit sets on data submitted as key-value pairs.
  • Running a single edit on data submitted as key-value pairs.
  • Running one or more edit sets on NAACCR XML files.

The EDITS60API beta package and instructions are available for download by request at cancerinformatics@cdc.gov.

The package no longer requires .NET to be installed on Linux. All files needed to run the API are included in the package.

Technical Support

For technical support, contact cancerinformatics@cdc.gov.