SMART: BRFSS City and County Data and Documentation

CDC analyzes BRFSS data for metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas (MMSAs), to provide localized health information that can help public health practitioners identify local emerging health problems, plan and evaluate local responses, and efficiently allocate resources to specific needs.

The Selected Metropolitan/Micropolitan Area Risk Trends of BRFSS SMART BRFSS) uses BRFSS data to provide prevalence rates for selected conditions and behaviors for cities and their surrounding counties. For the corresponding annual questionnaires used to collect this information, see the Questionnaires section of this site. For other data sets, see the Annual Survey Data and BRFSS Maps (GIS) sections of this site. To access SMART trends and charts, see the SMART: BRFSS City and County Database.

For more information on MMSAs and SMART BRFSS, see the SMART FAQs. To find information about SMART weighting procedures, calculated variables, and other technical information, please refer to the data and documentation provided with each SMART Data Set, by collection year.