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full body scanner

NIOSH Publications

Firefighter hand anthropometry and structural glove sizing: a new perspective
Human Factors: 2015 / [Epub ahead of print]

Seat and seatbelt accommodation in fire apparatus: Anthropometric aspects
Applied Ergonomics: May 2015 / 51(11):137-151

Anthropometric Study of U.S. Truck Drivers: Methods, Summary Statistics, and Multivariate Accommodation Models
NIOSH Publication No. 2015-116

Comparison of Measured and Self-Reported Anthropometric Information among Firefighters: Implications and Applications
Ergonomics: December 2014 / 57(12):1886-1897

Sizing firefighters: method and implications
Human Factors: August 2014 / 56(5):873-910

Research to improve extension ladder angular positioning and
Extension Ladder Safety App (Android and iPhone
Applied Ergonomics: May 2013 / 44(3):496-502

Head-and-face shape variations of U.S. civilian workers
Applied Ergonomics: February 2013 / 44(5):775-784

Anthropometric procedures for protective equipment sizing and design
Human Factors: February 2013 / 55(1):6-35

U.S. truck driver anthropometric study and multivariate anthropometric models for cab designs
Human Factors: October 2012 / 54(5):849-871

Impact of harness fit on suspension tolerance
Human Factors: June 2012 / 54(3):346-357

Digital 3-D headforms representative of Chinese workers
The Annals of Occupational Hygiene: January 2012 / 56(1):113-122

Digital 3-D headforms with facial features representative of the current US workforce
Ergonomics: May 2010 / 53(5):661-671

Facial anthropometric differences among gender, ethnicity, and age groups
The Annals of Occupational Hygiene: March 2010 / 54(4):391-402

Shape analysis of 3D head scan data for U.S. respirator users
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing: January 2010 / 2010:248954

Development of sizing structure for fall arrest harness design
Ergonomics: September 2009 / 52(9):1128-1143

Harness sizing and strap length configurations
Human Factors: August 2009 / 51(4):497-518

Anthropometric changes among U.S. truck drivers
Proceedings of the 17th World Congress on Ergonomics (IEA2009): August 9-14, 2009 Beijing, China
Madison, WI: International Ergonomics Association: August 2009 / :1-4

Hand dimensions of Hispanic and other ethnic group meat processing workers
Proceedings of the 17th World Congress on Ergonomics (IEA2009): August 9-14, 2009 Beijing, China
Madison, WI: International Ergonomics Association: August 2009 / :1-5

Safety eyewear: How much coverage does it provide?
Professional Safety: July 2009 / 54(7):22-27

Evaluation of fall arrest harness sizing schemes
Human Factors: June 2007 / 49(3):447-464

Anthropometric Criteria for the Design of Tractor Cabs and Protection Frames
Ergonomics: March 2005 / 48(4):323-353

Evaluating the representativeness of the LANL respirator fit test panels for the current U.S. civilian workers
Journal of the International Society for Respiratory Protection: September 2004 / 21:83-93

Glove fit for firefighters - an accommodation comparison between U.S. NFPA 1971 and European EN 659 glove size schemes with a contemporary (CAESAR) anthropometric hand size database
The 7th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion: June 6-9, 2004 Vienna, Austria
Kuratorium für Schutz und Sicherheit/Institut Sicher Leben: June 2004 / :752-753

Anthropometric procedures for design decisions: from flat map to 3D scanning
Contemporary Ergonomics: Proceedings of the Ergonomics Society Conference: April 2004 Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press: April 2004 / :144-148

Anthropomorphic Difference Among Hispanic Occupational Groups
National Occupational Injury Research Symposium (NOIRS)-2003: October 28-30, 2003 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. D5.2

Sizing and Fit of Fall-Protection Harnesses
Ergonomics: October 2003 / 46(12):1233-1258

Anthropometric differences among occupational groups
Ergonomics: February 2002 / 45(2):136-152

Improving Fall Protection Harness Safety: Contribution of 3-D Scanning
Scanning 2000--Numerisation 3D. 5th ed. Proceedings of the Industrial Congress on 3D Digitizing, Paris, France, Dinard Cedex, France: Harbour: May 24-25, 2000 pp. 117-128

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