How You Protect Yourself When Assisting

As a Trained Observer, you should not enter the room of a patient with Ebola. If a situation arises that requires you to do so, you need to be outfitted in proper PPE.

The following PPE are recommended for Trained Observers:

  • A single-use (disposable) fluid-resistant or impermeable gown that extends to at least mid-calf or coverall without integrated hood.
  • A single-use (disposable) full face shield.
  • Single-use (disposable) nitrile examination gloves with extended cuffs. Two pairs of gloves should be worn. At a minimum, outer gloves should have extended cuffs.
  • Single-use (disposable) fluid-resistant or impermeable shoe covers. Shoe covers should allow for ease of movement and not present a slip hazard to the worker.

Trained Observers should don and doff selected PPE according to the same procedures outlined for the healthcare worker.