Doffing PPE: Inspect Inner Gloves

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Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment

Now that you have your outer gloves off, you need to inspect the inner gloves for any visible tears, holes, or exposed skin.

If you don’t see any tears, or signs of contamination, then you will disinfect your gloves with EPA-registered disinfectant wipes or alcohol-based hand rub and proceed to the next step of removing your respirator.

If you see a tear, hole, or signs of contamination in the inner glove, disinfect with EPA-registered disinfectant wipes or alcohol based hand rub and then, remove the inner gloves, making sure not to contaminate your bare hands. Once the gloves are off, perform hand hygiene with alcohol based hand rub on your hands. Then, put on a new set of gloves up to the edge of the gown sleeve.