Doffing PPE: Remove the Respirator

If you are unable to access the video on YouTube please down load the video. Due to the large size of the video file, it may take a few minutes to download.

Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment

In this step, you will be taking off your belt mounted respirator. How you do this will vary from model to model of PAPR, so you and your Assistant will need to refer to your manufacturer’s specifications. The Assistant will help you with removing the device.

Although the specifics will vary, you should do things in this order:

  • First, the Assistant will detach the hose from the hood
  • Then while the Assistant holds the belt unit in his/her hands, you will unclasp the belt. After removal, place all reusable PAPR components in a designated area or container for later disinfection.
  • Next, you will take off the hood. The Assistant will stand behind you and will grab the outside of the hood, and roll the hood up towards the top of the shoulders, forming a cuff. Then, when the observer signals both of you, you will grab the hood near the ears, bend forward at the waist, and pull the hood slowly and methodically down and away from your head until it’s at waist level. Then, discard the hood into the trash receptacle.
  • It’s very important to avoid touching your face at this point after the hood has been removed.
  • Then, both you and the Assistant will disinfect your hands with alcohol based hand rub.