Donning PPE: Put on Gown

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Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment

Ensure the gown is sized properly, and large enough to allow unrestricted freedom of movement. If available, a gown with thumb hooks helps to secure the cuff of the gown over the inner glove to help ensure there is not a gap between the glove and the cuff. Tie the gown securely but in a manner that it can be easily untied when you begin the doffing process. Leave some length of the tie so that it can be pulled and untied without much effort.

Ensure cuffs of the inner gloves are tucked under the sleeve of the gown. If your gown does not have thumb hooks, some facilities may consider taping the sleeve of the gown over the inner glove to prevent potential skin exposure from separation between the sleeve and inner glove during activity. If taping is used, a tab should be created by folding the tape over at the end. This tab will help facilitate easy removal during the doffing process. Care must be taken to remove tape gently. Experience in some facilities suggests taping may increase risk by making the doffing process more difficult.