Donning PPE: Put on Outer Apron (if used)

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Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment

If the patient is vomiting or has diarrhea, put on a single-use (disposable), fluid resistant or impermeable apron that covers the torso to the level of the mid-calf. The apron provides an additional layer of protection to the front of the body against exposure to body fluids or excrement from the patient.

After the outer apron has been placed over the hood, the Trained Observer will attach the PAPR tube to the PAPR hood, making sure the tube is snapped and fits and then turn on the PAPR batter pack and filter unit. The Trained Observer should do a final check that all areas are covered and no hair is protruding from the hood. If a PAPR unit should stop during patient care, you must leave the patient area immediately.