Doffing PPE: Remove the Coverall

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Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment

If your coverall has a flap covering the zipper, you must gently pull it open. Then you will need to disinfect your gloves. Next, tilt your head back and reach for the zipper at the top of the suit, using a mirror to avoid touching the skin. Grasp the zipper with two fingers of one hand without using the other hand on the front of the suit and pull down. Unzip completely. The assistant may help you unzip the coverall, if necessary.

The assistant will stand behind you and grasp the outside of the coverall at the shoulders, and pull it off your body in a downward motion until the coverall is off your shoulders completely. The assistant will then reposition his or her hands and roll the suit outward and down the back in a controlled fashion, removing your arms and slowly pulling it down until it’s at your waist, being careful not to touch your scrubs or skin.

To get the coverall off the rest of the way, you may need to sit down in the clean chair, which will be marked clearly. Grab the coverall, and pull it away from your body, one leg at a time. Once the coverall is off completely, dispose of it.