Training Opportunities

The following training courses are available online or in-person from CDC/ATSDR and partners.

CDC/ATSDR Training Opportunities

Federal Grants Management Training Series: Developed by CDC Foundation, in collaboration with CDC’s Office of Grants Services and the Public Health Infrastructure Center’s Office of Island Affairs, this free, self-guided, three-video training series is designed to provide federal grant recipients with the information needed to ensure the successful management of federal grants and cooperative agreements.

Partner Training Opportunities

Working with Tribal Nations

Created by the National Indian Health Board with funding and support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this free, two-hour e-course is intended to educate state and federal government officials and other non-Tribal stakeholders on effective engagement with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes.

Public Health Training for Tribal Leaders

Created by the National Indian Health Board, this e-course is intended to educate tribal leaders and Tribal Advisory Committee members on public health topics and provide information, including best practices, to support consultation on public health.

The University of Washington School of Nursing has developed a series of online tribal training lectures focused on successful grant writing. Sessions include

  • Writing the Successful Proposal
  • Organizing for Proposal Development
  • Writing Goals and Objectives and Linking to the Time Line
  • Statement of Need and Literature Review
  • Methods Proposal Development Training
  • Preparing the Proposal Budget

New training sessions are being developed through a partnership with the Suquamish Tribe (WA) and will be posted once they are available.

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