HHS Tribal Consultation

CDC participates in the HHS Annual Tribal Budget Consultation and Regional Tribal Consultation, as well as various intradepartmental committees related to American Indian/Alaska Native health and tribal consultation. These committees include:

CDC/ATSDR also contributes to Cabinet-level reports related to tribal activities. These include the Annual HHS Tribal Consultation Report, Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU) reports and plans, Intradepartmental Council on Native American Affairs (ICNAA) reports, and others as requested by HHS, the White House, or members of Congress.

Annual Tribal Budget Consultations
The annual consultation session with tribes about to the HHS budget has been conducted over the last 10 years and gives Indian tribes and tribal organizations the opportunity to present their health and human services budget priorities and recommendations to HHS. The two day session is convened sometime between February 1 and March 30 each year.

Regional Tribal Consultations
The HHS Regional Tribal Consultation Sessions are designed to solicit Indian tribe’s priorities and needs on health and human services and programs. The sessions provide an opportunity for Indian tribes to articulate their comments and concerns on budgets, regulations, legislation, and HHS health and human services policy matters.