Tick Bite Bot

Key points

  • The Tick Bite Bot is an interactive tool that will assist individuals on removing attached ticks and determining when to seek health care, if appropriate, after a tick bite.
  • The online mobile-friendly tool asks a series of questions covering topics such as tick attachment time and symptoms. Based on the user's responses, the tool then provides information about recommended actions and resources.
Illustration of an orange cartoon tick, pointing at himself.

Tick Bite Bot

A tool to assist people in removing attached ticks and seeking health care, if appropriate, after a tick bite.

About the Tool

Health departments and healthcare systems can add the Tick Bite Bot to their own websites:

Instead of redirecting users to CDC’s website, you can add the Tick Bite Bot widget to your website. There, you can pair it with valuable information on seeking medical care specific to your area or healthcare system. The widget is customizable and easy to use – just select your preferences and use the code provided to embed the widget into your website.