2024 CDC U.S. TB Elimination Champions

Amber Hunwardsen

Amber Hunwardsen with her colleague Matt Robertson

Amber Hunwardsen, RN, is a Public Health Nurse with the Siouxland District Health Department in Sioux City, Iowa. She helped plan a community-based TB roundtable to improve communication between clinics, emergency rooms, and the health department. She has also provided TB education in congregate settings and helped partners implement workplace TB screenings.

Binational Tuberculosis Program Los Dos Laredos

Dora Aide Martinez, Angeles Hernandez, Salome Ordoñez

Los Dos Laredos Binational TB program provides TB prevention and care services to the Texas-Mexico border cities of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. The program provided TB education to patients, people exposed to TB disease, and health care personnel. Services also included connecting people to treatment and home visits for TB testing. In 2023, 100% of the program’s patients completed TB treatment.

Rebecca Kishlock, Interim Executive Director measuring readings on the educational TB arms

Judi Gifford, Salem Fauser, Kristinia Kielman, Rachael Mayer, Florina Sibok, Emily Wilson, Sarah Mergenthaler, Susan Wirtjes, Angela Graham

The TB Team from the  Black Hawk County Public Health Department  (BHCHD) in Waterloo, Iowa supports people and their families during TB treatment.  Despite rising cases, BHCHD strives to ensure that people feel they are more than a number. BHCHD has increased access to routine health care services, including TB screening, for the Pacific Islander community.

Brittany Bolin

Brittany Bolin

Brittany Bolin, RN, is a TB Nurse Case Manager for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. She demonstrated compassionate TB care during a large contact investigation at a long-term care facility.  Brittany’s diligence in counseling, encouraging, and prioritizing latent TB infection treatment helped reduce the risk of future cases.

California, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas Public Health Laboratories

Staff from California, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas Public Health Laboratories. Names listed in the nomination summary.

In 2021, the Oklahoma State Department of Public Health’s TB Laboratory faced challenges with conducting TB testing in their facility. Oklahoma partnered with California Department of Public Health’s National TB DST Reference Center, Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories TB Laboratory, Missouri State Public Health Laboratory‘s TB Unit, and Texas Department of State Health Services Public Health Laboratory’s Mycobacteriology/Mycology Branch to ensure TB testing remained available for patients. The partnerships also gave Oklahoma laboratory staff the opportunity to receive training from other laboratories.

Pictured:  California Department of Public Health, Microbial Diseases Laboratory, National TB DST Reference Center: Matthew Sylvester, Steven Yu, Terry Weber, Tanya Holbrook, Varvara Kozyreva, Isa Garcia.

Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories, TB Laboratory: Stacy DeHart, Ryan Allen, Jordan White
Missouri State Public Health Laboratory, TB Unit: Matt Barry, Sarah Sharr, and Richard Sapp.

Oklahoma State Department of Public Health, Public Health Laboratory, Microbiology General Laboratory, TB Laboratory: Kevin Johnson, Hannah Keith, Laurel Bolding, Jenny Hernandez and Preston Dilbeck, Amelia Villines, Jessica Mills, Rachel Foulke, Lori Huber, Shawna Baumeister.

Texas Department of State Health Services, Public Health Laboratory, Mycobacteriology/Mycology Branch: Claudia Sandoval, Patrick Callaghan, Michael Payne, Kayla Gregory, Emily Cooper, Esteban Olivas, Amira Cornish, Andrew Ingersoll, Ben Alpers, Jan Owen, Sarah Pham, Anju Maharjan, Jon Gengler, Lauren Yetter, Robert Montoya.

Cecilia Norris

Dr. Cecilia Norris

Dr. Cecilia Norris is the Medical Director of the Iowa City Free Medical Clinic. She oversees radiology and clinic services for uninsured patients. Dr. Norris believes everyone has a responsibility to help those in need.  Thanks to her dedication, patients can obtain TB evaluation and treatment services to prevent active TB disease.

Central City Community Health Center

Arturo Mendoza, Frances Alvarez, David Mendez

Central City Community Health Center’s (CCCHC) outreach team has partnered with the  Los Angeles County Department of Public Health since 2014.  CCCHC predominantly provides mobile primary care to undocumented immigrants experiencing homelessness in unlicensed substance use treatment programs called Grupos. The partnership has brought TB services to this community.

Dr. Ed Zuroweste

Dr. Ed Zuroweste

Dr. Ed Zuroweste has dedicated over 30 years to TB elimination efforts, particularly among underserved populations, through advocacy, education, and direct care. Dr. Zuroweste is the Founding Medical Director of the Migrant Clinicians Network and serves as the Tuberculosis Medical Consultant for Pennsylvania. He has also provided leadership in organizations such as Stop TB USA and the TB Elimination Alliance.

Faith Healthcare

Nancy Watson, Michael Wilson, Vicki Prosser

Faith Healthcare in Florence, South Carolina experienced a TB outbreak in a community at risk in 2022. They worked with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to quickly identify people at risk and connect them with TB testing and treatment services. Their dedication prevented what could have been an even larger outbreak.

Gateway Medical

Elisa Ginter, Joshua Villanueva, Michel-Ange (Edouard) Destine, Sofia Otero

Gateway Medical is a Civil Surgeon practice in Florida committed to their status adjuster patients who are at high risk for TB. Gateway staff provide support to their patients by providing TB screening services, patient education, and treatment. Through their services, Gateway medical aims to make a great impact in TB prevention and care.

Jacqueline Achkar

Dr. Jacqueline Achkar

Dr. Jacqueline Achkar is a professor of medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She contributed to the progress toward TB elimination through her research on TB serology, biomarkers, and protective antibodies against TB. She identified biomarkers that predict TB development in HIV coinfected patients and isolated human monoclonal antibodies against the Mtb antigen Lipoarabinomannan (LAM).

John Green

John Green

John Green is the author of several best-selling books and a TB advocate. In 2019 he visited Sierra Leone and learned about the global impact of TB disease, caused in part by the high cost of medication. John and his fanbase launched the social media campaign “Patients Not Patents” to advocate for pharmaceutical companies to allow the sale of generic bedaquiline.

Dr. Maunank Shah

Dr. Maunank Shah

TB Elimination Champions from Johns Hopkins University contributed to preventing and controlling TB in the United States and around the world.

Maunank Shah

Dr. Maunank Shah is the medical director for the Baltimore City Health Department TB Program. He is also president of the National Society of TB Clinicians. He chaired the development of the first national guidelines for TB respiratory isolation in community settings. Dr. Shah helped develop IDCrowd, a TB electronic consultation platform. He also co-invented video directly observed therapy software.


Yukari Manabe

Dr. Yukari C. Manabe

Yukari C. Manabe

Dr. Yukari Manabe is instrumental in investigating TB immunopathogenesis within the Johns Hopkins Center for TB Research. She has worked in TB diagnostics and care over the last 20 years. Her clinical and laboratory training model provides on-site support for health care workers. The model resulted in higher TB case detection and better treatment completion rates in Uganda.

Julia Boese and the Monmouth County Health Department Tuberculosis Clinic Public Health Nurses

Kim Gaydos, Julianna DiRocco, Lauren Roth, Shelly Gaddis, Christopher Merkel, Enrico Cabredo, Jeryl Krautle, Julia Boese, Kristina Veintimilla, Kabeeruddin Hashmi

The Public Health Nurses at the Monmouth County Health Department TB Clinic in Freehold, New Jersey, led by Julia Boese, uses a community-centered approach to carry out important TB activities. Activities include comprehensive case management and investigation, directly observed therapy, and referrals to services. The team also hosts educational forums to bring practitioners, service providers, and researchers together to share resources and knowledge.

Lake County Health Department Tuberculosis Clinic

Dr. Sana Ahmed, Dr. Victor Plotkin, Melissa Lemke, Sunu Mathew, Yvonne Prado, Cecilia Mendoza, Yuliia Byelyakova, Priya Philipose-John, Tania Rios, Dr. James Jupa, Tom Mohr, Wynand Van Heerden, and Dr. Dina Taryal

The Lake County Health Department’s TB Clinic in Waukegan, Illinois launched a comprehensive TB campaign to support Uniting for Ukraine program efforts. The campaign included bus ads, social media posts, Ukrainian magazine ads, and radio ads. The clinic also tailored services, developed a voicemail message in Ukrainian, and held two TB screening events. There was a 65% increase in clinic visits by Ukrainian arrivals.

Moni Muraki

Moni Muraki

Moni Muraki is a Disease Research and Intervention Specialist with the Public Health Seattle & King County TB Program.  For over 17 years, she has displayed perseverance, hard work, and a deep commitment to TB elimination. She is known state-wide as the best person to contact when any jurisdiction requires assistance with contact tracing in communities.

Myrna Leiper

Myrna Leiper

Myrna Leiper is a TB nurse with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Myrna consistently provides in-person services for patients with multidrug-resistant TB disease and other complex physical and medical issues. She has also supported individuals with TB disease by connecting them with resources that support treatment adherence. Myrna ensures all individuals in her jurisdiction receive equitable care and TB treatment.

National TB Molecular Surveillance Center

Laura Mosher, Laurel Vibber, Dr. Kimberly McCullor, Jennifer Kilbourn, Stephen Dietrich, Becky Kramer, Kourtney Wells, Dan Gard, Dr. Marty Soehnlen, Angie Schooley

For over 20 years, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Laboratories has served U.S. TB programs. They genotyped 128,000 Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates to aid outbreak detection. As methods evolved, they worked to ensure state-of-the-art approaches were used to provide the most comprehensive data.

RI,NM, WA, and PA Departments of Health

Staff from New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington Public Health Laboratories. Names listed in the nomination summary.

TB testing services remained available across the United States during lab facility challenges thanks to the teamwork of the New Mexico Department of Health TB Laboratory; Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Laboratories, TB Laboratory; Rhode Island Department of Health Special Pathogens & Biothreats Laboratory; and Washington State Department of Health TB Laboratory. These organizations provided critical testing services for Maine, Colorado, Oregon, and Philadelphia public health laboratories during laboratory moves, renovations, or facility issues.

Pictured:  New Mexico Department of Health TB Laboratory: Sara Jones, Jennifer Benoit, Windy Arellano, Adreiena Armijo, Jody Andersen, and Pascale Leonard.

Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Laboratories, TB Laboratory: Maria Ligos, Neely Colvin, Puja Patel, Lisa Dettinger, Tyler Fields, Christian Hudson, Christine Lee.

Rhode Island Department of Health Special Pathogens & Biothreats Laboratory: Toby Bennett, Monica Raposo, Rhodora LaFountain, Erin Pelton, Jennifer Perry, Terri Canulla.

Washington State Department of Health TB Laboratory: Maddy, Scarlett, Kate, Ashley, Alicia, Angie, Colleen, Ryan.

Three TB Elimination Champions from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene protected communities at risk and worked to reduce the spread of TB.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Disease Investigation & Case Management Team

Staff from Bureau of Tuberculosis Control Disease Investigation and Case Management. Names listed in the nomination summary.

Bureau of Tuberculosis Control Disease Investigation and Case Management

New York City’s Bureau of TB Control Disease Investigation and Case Management (DICM) Team did outstanding work to address an increase in TB cases in 2023. Their efforts included TB patient education, treatment support, and contact investigations. The DICM Team optimized use of electronic directly observed therapy, worked with partners to complete contact investigations, and facilitated social services.

Pictured: Shahid Ali, Jermaine Allison, Ophelia Alston, Yisene Bello, Christine Chuck, Dawn Cummins, Howard D’Oyley, Sophia Felix, Saye Garmie, Zalika Gibson, Mohammad Kabir, Gregory Lockridge, Gena Lucien, Nikolaos Mitropoulos, Faith Mortise, Kellie Nixon, Brendan Oram, Eulanda Perry, Jessica Pineda-Bano, Anthony Scott, Crystal Simmons, Latarsha Smith, Magdalene Spencer, Arthur Suleymanov, Lei Zhang, Wendy Zhu.

NYC Health Department Bureau of TB Control Training and Outreach Team

Staff from Bureau of TB Control Training and Outreach Team. Names listed in the nomination summary.

Not Pictured: Ruth Akinboye, Mohammed Ali, Eslyn Boston, Andre Carrington, Sung Hong Chan, Michelle Cockburn, Bria Cook, Betaj Farrokh, Pamela Grey, Kevin Humphrey, Nicole Hunt, Angevel Hutchinson, Monica Idiagbor, Shayeka Islam, Annah Jerez, Elijah King, Nelsia Marquis, Khady Ndiaye, Kolawole Onifade, Meena Sarecha, Mario Williams, Julia Zabusky.

Bureau of TB Control Training and Outreach Team

The Bureau of TB Control Training and Outreach Team conducted several impactful initiatives to increase TB and latent TB infection education, testing, diagnosis, and treatment. These initiatives included TB testing and education in shelters serving recent arrivals and community sites serving humanitarian parolees.

Pictured: Shaila Rao, Daphne Juste, Julia Jimenez, Elvy Barroso, Teresa Mark, Farah Parvez, Maegan Carrera.

NYC Latent Tuberculosis Infection Public Health Detailing Toolkit Group

Staff from Latent Tuberculosis Infection Public Health Detailing Toolkit Group. Names listed in the nomination summary.

Latent Tuberculosis Infection Public Health Detailing Toolkit Group

The New York City’s Latent Tuberculosis Infection Public Health Detailing Toolkit Group developed a toolkit to promote latent TB infection testing and treatment. The group visited over 200 clinical sites to provide education and the toolkit resources to health care providers. There was an increase in the implementation of latent TB infection testing and treatment recommendations. Toolkit materials are available in multiple languages.

Pictured: Shaila Rao, Elvy Barroso, Teresa Mark, Diana Nilsen, Farah Parvez, Michelle Dresser, Lysa Petrsoric, Nina Shabbat, Beth Seltzer, Monica Garcia-Rosado, Sabrina Parker, Wendy Agron, Sharraine Franklin.

Not pictured: Sharraine Franklin, Lysa Petrsoric.

Paige Storm

Paige Storm

Paige Storm is an Infection Preventionist with the McLeod Regional Medical Center. In 2022, a TB outbreak occurred in a community at risk in South Carolina, and several people were diagnosed with TB disease. Paige worked tirelessly alongside the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and the facility to assure enough negative pressure rooms were available for patients.

San Antonio City Chest Clinic

Manual Betancourt, Beth Walsh, Natalie Singh, Lisa Y. Armitige, Yolanda Galan, Jaquline l. Maldonado, Miranda Villanueva, Alma Martinez, Anna Salas, Victoria Adams, Josie Martinez, Martha Saville, Hannah Imhoff, Megan Medellin

The San Antonio City Chest Clinic approaches TB elimination with an interdisciplinary team concept. The clinic works to break the chain of TB transmission, improve treatments, and reduce TB cases. The San Antonio City Chest clinic, in partnership with University of Texas Health and the Veterans Affairs, is part of the CDC TB Trials Consortium.

San Diego County TB Elimination Initiative Community of Practice

Dr. Jeannette Aldous, Richard Garfein, Ph.D., Dr. Sujana Gunta, Dr. Jeffrey Percak, Catherine Bender

The San Diego County TB Elimination Initiative Community of Practice aims to educate and encourage health care organizations in the county to develop and use latent TB infection care strategies. There are 15 member organizations in the group. All member organizations share data and interventions to improve TB screening, testing, and treatment.

Somos TB

Jackie Cuen and Karen Reyna

Jackie and Karen are TB survivors leading We Are TB’s Spanish language TB support group, Somos TB. They demonstrate incredible compassion for people in treatment, and dedication to providing social emotional support to the Spanish speaking community. Jackie and Karen have grown Somos TB to a close community where people can feel cared for and valued during TB treatment.

Tammy Bowling

Tammy Bowling

Tammy Bowling has a heart for TB. She has worked as the TB Coordinator for the North Georgia Health District, Georgia Department of Public Health since 2012. Her compassion is inspiring as she works to ensure that all basic patient needs are met. She sometimes uses her own money or collects donations for patients.

Teresa Plummer

Teresa Plummer

Teresa is the pediatric TB nurse consultant for the Arkansas Department of Health. She shows effectiveness, adaptability, and compassion for patients with a 96% treatment completion rate. She has offered support and guidance to colleagues, ensures that patients receive comprehensive care, and builds relationships in the community. She has helped protect the community further by identifying pediatric TB cases.

Texas Center for Infectious Disease Respiratory Therapy Department

Salena DeAnda, Prakash Shahi, Fahimuddin Momin

The Texas Center for Infectious Disease, Respiratory Therapy Department’s research highlights their respirators’ efficacy and cost-effectiveness. They are commitmed to patient education and evidence-based practices. They have advanced TB elimination efforts by setting new standards in respiratory care amidst emerging infectious diseases. The Respiratory Therapy Department is an invaluable ally in the fight against TB.

DSHS Region 6-5S Tuberculosis Elimination Program

Itam Otu, James Varghese, Sharon Hill, Naomi Crayton, Angela Olvera, Raymundo DeLaRosa, Jr., Dr. Anthony Moten, Vickie Fuller, Merci Cruz, Dr. Affiong Ben-Edet, Samantha Bustos

The Texas DSHS Region 6/5S TB Elimination Program works with local health departments, hospitals, and contracted physicians to provide TB clinical care and education. The program has successfully managed complex TB cases and mass contact investigations. They have also ensured TB treatment adherence through video directly observed therapy (DOT) and in-person DOT services.