Reported Tuberculosis in the United States, 2020

Figure 2
Estimated percentage or extensive recent transmission of Tuberculosis in counties with 10 or more genotyped cases, United States, 2019-2020[JPG - 298 KB]

A TB case is estimated to be attributed to extensive recent transmission when the case is attributed to recent transmission using the plausible source case method, and the case belongs to a plausible transmission chain of 6 or more cases within 3 years prior to the case’s diagnosis date.

A map of the United States is displayed with state borders as well as county or county equivalent borders for those jurisdictions that had 10 or more genotyped TB cases that could be evaluated for recent transmission during 2019–2020. Percentages of genotyped cases attributed to extensive recent transmission are shaded by county or county equivalent to depict jurisdictions that are disproportionately affected by extensive recent transmission. All 50 states are shown; the New York City metropolitan area is represented as a zoomed in frame on the map. A total of 11 county or county equivalents had more than 20 percent of genotyped cases during 2019–2020 attributed to extensive recent transmission.