National TB Indicators Project: Initial Indicators and Performance Targets

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Objectives are necessary to guide the operations of any program and define expectations for evaluation. Tuberculosis objectives for the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and Healthy People (HP) 2010 have been delineated, however, the Tuberculosis Evaluation Working Group concluded that it was also vital to develop national TB program objectives that will directly assist TB control programs in their effort to evaluate their own performance.

These objectives and performance targets have been shared with participants of the Evaluation Working Group, TB Program members, and DTBE staff members. Graphs showing baseline data, the U.S. forecasts, and the 90th percentile performance targets have been created and will also be shared. Actual performance will be summarized each year and compared with the forecast values and the performance targets for that year. TB program objectives will help TB programs in their efforts to perform self-evaluation. The objectives can be used by CDC and our state partners as realistic national program objectives that guide our actions and help us measure program success.