Syphilis Laboratory Information

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Find resources to help with laboratory-based syphilis testing, training, and research and development.


CDC Laboratory Recommendations for Syphilis Testing, United States, 2024 – Syphilis testing recommendations for choosing among multiple testing methods, establishing standard operating procedures for collecting and processing specimens, interpreting test results for laboratory reporting, and counseling and treating patients for syphilis.

Treponema pallidum Requests by Commercial Companies — A Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum (T. pallidum) strain propagated in rabbits is available for research and development purposes. The cultures are intended solely for companies developing and/or seeking FDA approval of syphilis diagnostic tests in the United States.

Spirochete Request For TrainingT. pallidum spirochetes in aliquots of 0.5 ml – 1.0 ml are available for training on the use of dark field microscopy. This is offered specifically to public health laboratories and institutions within the United States for training purposes only.

Syphilis Serum Repository — The Syphilis Serum Repository provides residual syphilis positive serum samples that can facilitate research and development of syphilis diagnostic tests.

Neurosyphilis, Ocular Syphilis, and Otosyphilis — Healthcare providers with patients suspected of ocular syphilis can collect clinical specimens for molecular typing. For assistance with the collection procedure or shipment of samples, please contact Dr. Allan Pillay at 404-639-2140 or