Supporting and Extending Partnerships

Data modernization is a collective effort that must take place in all parts of CDC and public health to give everyone the opportunity to reach the highest possible level of wellbeing.

supporting and extending partnerships
With this priority, we are ensuring transparency, addressing policy challenges, and solving problems together.

Policies: We work across the federal government and with partners on policies that support the exchange and use of data between CDC, jurisdictions, partners, and data providers.

Access: We’re increasing access to our data modernization plans and progress to increase participation and alignment.

Data Use Agreements: We’re increasing the use of standardized data use agreements, allowing jurisdictions and partners to seamlessly access more datasets that enable research and inform decision-making nationwide.

Collaboration: We’re working with research and academic partners on innovative projects that streamline information flow, reduce burden on data providers, and accelerate data from the local to the federal level.

About the DMI community

DMI is a national effort, and our partners from across public health departments, national organizations, academia, federal agencies, and private industry have been with us every step of the way, supporting DMI with valuable recommendations and a shared vision for what public health can be.

We rely on our partnerships to help understand community needs and gaps, provide input, identify new innovations, improve health equity, and guide our modernization efforts.

Our DMI partnership pages offer the best starting point for exploring how CDC and others are working together toward modernization goals.

More ways DMI is connecting people around data modernization

Consortium for Data Modernization

  • DMI has put a new structure in place that will allow us to listen, learn, and work more effectively together across the private and public sectors. Learn more about the Consortium for Data Modernization.

Communities of practice

“When it comes to making data interoperable, we think about making better connections between systems. But in focusing on the technology, we sometimes undervalue the connections we need to make between people.”
Interoperability Begins with People, Rhonda Smith, Washington, DC Vital Records Division

Academic partnerships


Partner campaign


  • Expanding our partnerships helps identify and address policy needs at every level of public health. Learn more about the policies that inform data exchange for CDC and our partners.
Supporting and extending partnerships: By the numbers

By December 2021, innovative COVID test reporting solutions had been launched in more than 25 states and territories.

In its first year, the Consortium for Data Modernization held 18 meetings covering 24 high impact topics.

The experimental, online Household Pulse Survey has grown from 6 to 18 agencies working together to understand the social and economic impacts of the pandemic.

The first ever Industry Days event convened more than 1600 attendees around the future of public health data.