Data Modernization Initiative

Data saves lives. Better data saves more lives.

Together, we are focused on the data, people, policies we need to move the country forward
“At CDC and throughout public health, we are in a pivotal moment for data and surveillance — one marked by opportunities, challenges, and the need for change.”
Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, CDC Director

The ultimate goal of CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) is to get better, faster, actionable insights for decision-making at all levels of public health.

Our vision is to create one public health community that can engage robustly with healthcare, communicate meaningfully with the public, improve health equity, and have the means to protect and promote health.

What is the Data Modernization Initiative (DMI)?

DMI is a multi-year, multi-billion-dollar effort to modernize data across the federal and state public health landscape.

DMI 2021 snapshot

Read our 2021 DMI Snapshot to explore our progress.

DMI Priorities

DMI lays out five key priorities that will strengthen and unify critical public health data across our nation to better serve the American people.

DMI 5 priorities

DMI Community

DMI is the first-ever unified approach for modernizing public health, and this unity is essential.

Consortium for Data Modernization

The Consortium for Data Modernization is a group of multi-sector public health partners that inform planning, engagement, and strategies to improve and modernize public health data collection and analysis.

Community and Partner Links

Use the links below to begin exploring how modernization is working across all of public health.

Modernization in Action

CDC and our partners are strengthening public health to protect our nation from known and unforeseen threats.

Strategy, Policy, and Budget

Public health relies on the right policies, strategies, and investments to get data where it needs to go to protect health.

Learn More About DMI

News, Stories, Publications, and Resources

We encourage everyone to learn more and join the DMI conversation.

Forecasting and Analytics

Data modernization is critical to the work of the Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analysis (CFA).