DMI and COVID-19

Through the Data Modernization Initiative, CDC is creating a world in which data can move faster than disease.

The initiative is our response to the challenges public health has been dealing with for too long and that have been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic fundamentally changed expectations for public health, especially the speed at which we deliver credible health information. It created an “all hands-on deck” moment to transform how we collect, use, and share data at CDC and beyond.

COVID-19 Monitoring Disease Burden

Over the course of the pandemic, CDC has been improving the timeliness, completeness, and quality of critical data for the response.

Progress on modernizing core surveillance systems is helping deliver real-time information through CDC’s COVID Tracker, our “one-stop shop” for COVID-related information. In the first two years of the response, modernization resulted in an unparalleled generation and release of public health data to monitor the burden of COVID-19.

Because of data modernization, we are already in a very different place than we were before the pandemic.

The gains made during the COVID-19 pandemic are now building a bridge to a new kind of surveillance and better approaches to public health data. The examples below demonstrate the power and value of CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative for public health.