What is the Data Modernization Initiative?

DMI Basics: The Why, What, and How of Data Modernization

CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) is at the heart of a national effort to create modern, integrated, and real-time public health data and surveillance that can protect us from any health threat. 

  • Launched in 2020, DMI is a multi-year, billion-plus dollar effort to modernize core data and surveillance infrastructure across the federal and state public health landscape.
  • DMI is not just about technology, but about putting the right people, processes, and policies in place to deliver real-time, high-quality information on both infectious and non-infectious threats.
  • Our ultimate goal is to move from siloed and brittle public health data systems to connected, resilient, adaptable, and sustainable ‘response-ready’ systems that can help us solve problems before they happen and reduce the harm caused by the problems that do happen.
  • CDC is connecting with partners from across public health and the private sector – including in healthcare, research, and academia — to make sure we get this right.

DMI is how CDC will meet its commitments to:

  • Strengthen data reporting, management, and analytics across public health
  • Conduct proper surveillance – not just of COVID-19 but also of future public health threats
  • Support our staff in pursuing innovation and building state-of-the-art data science skills
  • Deliver guidance the public can trust

It will do that through:

So that when the next emergency happens, ​we will have:​

​A foundation for data sharing across all levels of public health for coordinated, scalable and timely case investigation, management, and reporting​

  • Shared analysis capabilities to rapidly identify trends within and across jurisdictions, including race/ethnicity-specific trends and risk factors, as well as improved forecasting and response capabilities​

We have made incredible progress, but we still have a long way to go. 

  • CDC is committed to doing the work to make sure that our nation is protected from any disease, condition, or disaster that threatens people’s wellbeing.
  • By its nature, the need for modernization never stops, and CDC will need sustained support so ensure that our nation does not fall behind again.
  • Whether we’re responding to new technologies or a new disease, our public health infrastructure has to be ready.
  • Why Sustainable Funding Matters – This fact sheet delivers a quick look at the DMI, illustrates how investments from the CARES Act are driving and accelerating our DMI work, and addresses what it will take to sustain these efforts and achieve real change for the future.
  • Data Modernization Initiative Website – This site is the current external-facing information hub for the DMI and contains fact sheets and basic information and resources.