Activities and Publications

CDC led The Maternal and Reproductive Health in Tanzania project’smonitoring and evaluation activities. CDC’s reports and articles provide detailed information on how  the projectwas organized and carried out, and the resulting changes in maternal and child health indicators. 

Activities, Topics, Indicators, and Reports

Reproductive Health Survey
Topics: Reproductive health indicators
  • Fertility
  • Contraceptive knowledge and use
  • Unmet need for contraception
  • Antenatal care attendance
  • Knowledge of pregnancy danger signs
  • Delivery and postnatal care
  • Infant mortality
  • Early sexual activity
Health Facility Assessment
Topics: Health facility infrastructure, staffing, equipment, supplies, overall capacity, geographic area served
  • Electricity
  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Protocols
  • Emergency obstetric care functionality
  • Essential drugs and equipment
  • Contraceptive supplies
  • Blood transfusion capacity
  • Birth companionship
Client and Provider Experience Survey
Topic: Health care experience
  • Providing and receiving high quality reproductive care
  • Companionship during delivery
  • Respectful care
  • Provider job satisfaction and training
  • Provider technical knowledge