How to Become a Host Site

Host an Assignee!

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MCHEP provides direct assistance to public health agencies, to develop and promote the analytic capacity of public health agencies and the MCH field.  CDC’s MCHEP places senior MCH Epidemiologists in state public health agencies. Assignments are prioritized for states with minimal MCH epidemiology capacity.

Purpose of Requesting an Assignee:

  • Please include the proposed role of the assignee in the state/organization and the reasoning for requesting the assignment position.

Funding Mechanism:

  • Please include how the state/program intends to fund the assignment (CDC will provide 20% of funding so only include the mechanism for the remaining 80%).

Justification for Requesting an Assignee:

  • Please include statistical justification (e.g., health disparities, poor outcomes such as infant mortality, teen pregnancy, other health indicators of importance to maternal and child health etc.).
  • Please include a description of the current epidemiologic capacity of the state/organization currently.
  • Please include any other important factors associated with the development of an assignment (e.g., a special Governor’s initiative; funding for a large scale study/intervention; opportunities for collaboration with partners, etc.).

Assignment Structure:

  • Please provide information on direct supervision of the assignee.
  • Please provide information on the physical location of the assignee.
  • Please provide detailed information on potential  first year projects of the assignee (i.e., 3 – 5 projects with a no more than 1 year time frame).

Time Frame:

  • Proposal reviewed by program
  • Developing an assignment (6-9 months)
  • Feedback provided to host site
  • Consensus on assignment project plan
  • Matching process initiated

If you are interested in applying, please email all application materials and your proposal will be reviewed by the program.