Latin American Pertussis Project

LAPP Latin American Pertussis Project

The Latin American Pertussis Project (LAPP) is a collaboration between CDC’s Meningitis and Vaccine Preventable Diseases Branch (CDC-LAPP), the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Ministries of Health in select Latin American countries. The goal of LAPP is to expand the understanding of current pertussis epidemiology in Latin America in order to guide national and regional pertussis prevention and control strategies. Participating countries were selected based on pertussis disease incidence and laboratory capacity. LAPP began in Argentina, Panama, and Mexico in 2009, and expanded to Colombia in 2012, Chile in 2013, and Brazil in 2015.

LAPP has three principal objectives:

  1. Strengthen laboratory-based pertussis surveillance in Latin America
  2. Expand in-country laboratory capacity for identification of Bordetella pertussis
  3. Standardize and improve pertussis reporting within each country and in Latin America

View the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s summary of proceedings from the 2019 Latin American Pertussis Workshopexternal icon.

Page last reviewed: November 18, 2019