What CDC Is Doing

CDC’s Work to Make Healthy Living Easier

We partner with national, state, and local groups to advance the following programs and priorities:

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  • Early Childcare and Educational (ECE) Obesity Prevention Program
    We partner with states to: 1) make state-wide improvements in their ECE system by incorporating obesity prevention standards and practices; and 2) support a targeted group of ECE providers to make facility-wide improvements using a learning collaborative intervention. These activities help providers support breastfeeding, healthy eating, and physical activity for children in their facilities.

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  • Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration (CORD) Projects
    We focus on improving community-clinical collaborations to help prevent and manage childhood obesity in low-income children. We test a model that increases obesity screening and counseling services for eligible children in the selected communities, and refers them to local pediatric weight management programs. These findings help inform our childhood obesity efforts across the nation.

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  • High Obesity Program
    We fund land grant universities to work with community extension services to increase access to healthier foods and safe and accessible places for physical activity in counties that have more than 40% of adults with obesity.

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  • Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Program
    We fund and support local groups in developing culturally-tailored community programs to assure good nutrition and physical activity are attainable for all people. The program empowers community organizations to identify their unique needs, assets, and opportunities to reduce chronic diseases and risk behaviors.

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  • Childhood Obesity Data Initiative (CODI)
    We work with the Task Force for Global Health to understand how well child obesity prevention and treatment strategies work by linking researchers, program analysts, and specialists through the Childhood Obesity Data Initiative.