Disability & Health Fact Sheets


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Communicating With and About People with Disabilities
Disability is part of the human experience, but sometimes people use words or phrases that are insensitive and do not promote understanding, dignity, and respect for people with disabilities. More often than not, this is not intentional, but can be hurtful just the same.

Learn how to communicate with and about people with disabilities using people-first language and find other helpful tips.


DHDS Fact Sheet

CDC’s Disability and Health Data System (DHDS)
This fact sheet provides an overview of DHDS, an online data tool where you can find information about the health and wellness of adults with disabilities.

Healthy Weight & Obesity

Women’s Health

Right to Know Materials

“The Right to Know” Campaign
CDC’s breast cancer screening campaign for women with disabilities. Materials include posters, tip sheets, flyers, and more.

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Tips for Communicating with Female Patients with Intellectual Disabilities (ID)
This fact sheet provides tips that health care providers can use in educating female patients with ID and their caregivers about sexual and reproductive health topics.