Disability and Health Information for Partners

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Public Health Strategies to Improve the Health of Individuals with Disabilities

Public health strategies that may be used to address the following health topics: physical activity, nutrition, healthy weight, tobacco use and exposure, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and oral health.

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Disability and Health Programs

There are many programs throughout the United States working to improve the health and wellness of people with disabilities.

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Policies, Reports, and Initiatives

There are many disability-related policies, reports, and initiatives. Examples include the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Institute of Medicine’s “The Future of Disability in America”, and Healthy People 2010/2020.

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Data and Statistics

Find data and statistics related to disability.

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Get Involved and Spread the Word!

There are a lot of ways to get involved. Just educating yourself about disabilities or making sure that your organization provides accessible educational materials for people with disabilities can make a difference. Following are some ideas to get started:

  • Tell Others About Healthy Living With a Disability
    People with disabilities can lead healthy, active lives.
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  • Distribute Free Educational Materials
    CDC has fact sheets, infographics, videos, podcasts and other materials.
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  • Learn About Disability Inclusion and Do Your Part
    Help ensure that public spaces, buildings, and communication materials (for example, websites and brochures) are accessible to people with disabilities.
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  • Plan for Emergencies and Disasters
    It is important that people with disabilities, their family members, first responders, and emergency planners are prepared for emergencies or disasters.
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People with disabilities can lead long, healthy lives. Visit CDC's website to learn more.

People with disabilities can lead long, healthy lives. Visit CDC’s website to learn more.

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  • Participate in Disability Employment Awareness Month
    National Disability Employment Awareness Month is observed every October to increase awareness of the contributions and skills of American workers with disabilities. Various programs carried out throughout the month also highlight the specific employment barriers that still need to be addressed and removed.Learn how to get involved by visiting the U.S. Department of Labor’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month webpage.