NSSP Update – September 2020

NSSP Update

A Technical Newsletter for the NSSP Community of Practice | September 2020

The National Syndromic Surveillance Program issues NSSP Update monthly to share the latest Community of Practice activities, technical and program updates, and ways in which syndromic surveillance is improving public health.

Primary Indicators to Systematically Monitor COVID-19


Primary Indicators to Systematically Monitor COVID-19 Mitigation and Response—Kentucky, May 19–July 15, 2020

Syndromic surveillance data are used by the Kentucky Department for Public Health to help in assessing the state’s mitigation, response, and reopening efforts. Read more.

Emergency Dept Sinage


Nonfatal Drug and Polydrug Overdoses Treated in Emergency Departments—29 States, 2018–2019

Syndromic surveillance is improving our understanding of nonfatal drug overdoses involving opioids and other drugs. Expansion of syndromic surveillance will inform overdose prevention efforts. Read more.

Car emerged in flood water


Syndromic Surveillance Shows Medical Surge in Dallas–Fort Worth during Hurricane Harvey, 2017

In 2017 after Hurricane Harvey, Texas public health officials used syndromic surveillance to understand and respond to the healthcare service needs of those who evacuated the directly affected areas. Read the story.

Read more stories about how states use syndromic surveillance.

Syndromic Surveillance in Action


Monitoring Population Changes for Emergency Management Support in Tennessee

Preparing for an influx of evacuees during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Tennessee health officials turned to syndromic surveillance to understand the needs of out-of-state patients seeking emergency healthcare. Read the story.

NSSP Community of Practice


Community Highlights ▪ 2020 Syndromic Surveillance Symposium ▪ NSSP CoP Election Results

Learn what each subcommittee does to advance syndromic surveillance practice, what’s been added to the Knowledge Repository, and more updates.

Technical Updates


Fall Update to AMC Includes Commercial Lab Data
and Mortality Data ▪ Fall Onboarding Window for
New Sites ▪ Update on Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Data Sources

Read the updates.

ESSENCE word cloud queries

Monthly National-level Free-text ESSENCE Queries

Analysts can exercise a high level of customization by using free-text queries. They can quickly code free-text queries and rapidly respond to outbreaks, disasters, and health events that unfold. These word clouds capture free-text queries from a national perspective.

NSSP participation map and coverage

NSSP Participation Map and Coverage

NSSP data covers about 73% of all emergency department visits in the United States. Updates are published quarterly.

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