National Occupational Research Agenda for Public Safety


The National Occupational Research Agenda for Public Safety is intended to identify the knowledge and actions most urgently needed to promote safety and health in the public safety sector. This agenda provides a vehicle for interested parties to describe the most relevant issues, research gaps, and needs for the public safety workforce. It is meant to be broader than any one agency or organization.

The Council underwent a systematic process to identify the objectives for the third decade of NORA including: 1) reviewing multiple Public Safety sector documents to assess the burden of current occupational hazards on the public safety workforce, 2) assessing the current investment in burden areas, and 3) comparing national research investments across the public safety workforce. The draft agenda was revised in response to public comments and then finalized.

National Occupational Research Agenda for Public Safety

Objective 1: Reduce cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases

Objective 2: Reduce infectious disease transmission

Objective 3: Reduce musculoskeletal disorders

Objective 4: Reduce motor vehicle injuries

Objective 5: Reduce workplace violence

Objective 6: Promote healthy work design and well-being

Objective 7: Improve surveillance

Objective 8: Improve resilience/preparedness

Page last reviewed: May 23, 2022