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National TOTAL WORKER HEALTH® Agenda (2016-2026)



2nd International Symposium to Advance Total Worker Health®
May 8-11, 2018
National Institutes for Health in Bethesda, Maryland

NIOSH continually strives for high quality research and prevention activities that will lead to the advancement of worker safety, health and well-being. The NIOSH Office for Total Worker Health aims to advance the safety, health, and well-being of workers by increasing the number of work environments that adopt evidence-based Total Worker Health® approaches. This is accomplished through research activities, both intramural and extramural, that effectively integrate protection from work-related safety & health hazards with promotion of injury and illness prevention efforts to advance worker well-being.

NIOSH sponsors intramural research through the NIOSH Program Portfolio and extramural research and training through the Office of Extramural Programs. Intramural research on Total Worker Health (TWH) is coordinated through the Research Program Development & Collaboration Branch (Research Program) in the NIOSH Office for TWH. Extramural research on TWH is coordinated through the Office of Extramural Programs. Both intramural and extramural research projects relevant to TWH conduct and advance etiologic, surveillance, and intervention research that builds the evidence base for integrating protection from work-related safety & health hazards with promotion of injury and illness prevention efforts to advance worker well-being. 

Below are links to selected intramural and extramural research projects sponsored by the Office for Total Worker Health and the Office of Extramural Programs.

Description of Logic Model

The following Logic Model for the development of TWH research outlines the work of the Research Program in the NIOSH Office for TWH. The top row of "inputs," "activities," and "outputs" boxes demonstrates how the NIOSH TWH research portfolio (intramural and extramural research) contributes to proposed outcomes anticipated by the Research Program. The bottom row of "inputs," "activities," and "outputs" boxes describes the work being done internally by the Office for TWH Research Program to improve the quality and quantity of scientific evidence investigating TWH. It is anticipated that the proposed outcomes will lead to integrated policies, programs and practices that protect workers from safety and health hazards and prevent disease to advance worker well-being.

TWH Research Program Logic Model [PDF - 357 KB]

Funding Opportunity Announcement

The purpose of the TWH Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to provide funding for Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health. Support of this program will further advance an emerging field of science and practice and address the needs of the 21st century workforce by means of research, intervention, and outreach activities. Please view the FOA and application requirements, including material due dates, here.

Total Worker Health National Research Agenda

The National Total Worker Health® Agenda (Agenda) is a National Occupational Research Agenda intended to define and prioritize occupational safety and health research, practice, and prevention activities related to Total Worker Health (TWH) for 2016-2026.  The Agenda articulates a variety of strategic goals, intermediate goals, and activity/output goals within the domains of Research, Practice, Policy, and Capacity-Building.  This document builds on an earlier Proposed National TWH Agenda released in September 2014 for stakeholder comment. The resulting input has critically shaped the direction of the Agenda and the TWH program at NIOSH as a whole, as evidenced by NIOSH's Response to Summarized Stakeholders' Comments, which lists specific edits to the Agenda prompted by feedback received.

Visit the National Total Worker Health Agenda webpage for more information.