Opioids in the Workplace

NIOSH Confronts the Opioid Crisis

The effects of opioid use and misuse are not isolated to work or home environments, and the potential for addiction may be preceded by injuries that happen in the workplace, with the consequences affecting both an individual’s working life as well as their home life.

By using Total Worker Health® principles, NIOSH is developing solutions to help workers and employers facing this epidemic in their communities. Learn more about the specific steps NIOSH is taking to approach this challenge.

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New Naloxone Resource for Workplaces

NIOSH's Framework

Identify Workplace Conditions

Determine Risk Factors

Protect Workers & Responders

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Develop Methods for Detection & Decontamination

NIOSH will obtain relevant data to characterize and address the opioid crisis in workers.

NIOSH will obtain relevant data to characterize and address the opioid crisis in workers.

NIOSH is conducting field investigations to determine the extent of opioid exposures and best approaches for prevention.

Conducting field investigations will help NIOSH determine the extent of the opioid crisis and recommend approaches to help workplaces handle the challenges of opioid addiction.

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NIOSH works to transfer knowledge gained through research into practice, helping workplaces and workers face the opioid crisis.

Featured Resources

Below you will find featured resources related to the opioid epidemic. Check back frequently for new information. For a full list of tools for workplaces, research on workplaces, and general resources, see our resources page on this website.

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