Healthy Work Design and Well-Being Program

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The mission of the Healthy Work Design and Well-Being (HWD) Cross-Sector Program is to protect and advance worker safety, health, and well-being by improving the design of work, management practices, and the physical and psychosocial work environment. HWD partners with industry, labor, trade associations, professional organizations, and academia to better understand the ways in which the design of work affects overall health and well-being, and how it can be improved to enable workers to thrive and contribute productively at work, at home, and in society.

Featured Items

Working Hours, Sleep and Fatigue Forum: Meeting the Needs of the American Workers and Employers
September 13-14, 2019, Couer D’Alene, ID

Working nonstandard shifts can have adverse health and safety consequences for workers, their families, and the general public. Please join us for a two day forum about the research gaps and effective countermeasures related to working hours, sleep, and fatigue among U.S. workers and employers. Everyone interested in worker safety is invited to come discuss this important topic. Please visit our webpage for more information and to sign up for updates on this forum.

Work, Stress and Health 2019: What Does the Future Hold?
November 6-9, 2019, Philadelphia, PA

The 2019 conference will give special attention to the workplace of the future. As the world copes with growing economic, political, environmental and social changes, what can organizations do to sustain the health and productivity of their workers? Share what you know about the future of work and healthy workers with an international, multidisciplinary audience.  Please visit 2019 Work, Stress and Health conferenceExternalExternal for more information.

A New Look At the Way We Work: Nonstandard Work Arrangements and Their Impacts on Worker Safety and Health Webinar
HWD and the Office for Total Worker Health presented a webinar on nonstandard work arrangements and their health and safety effects on workers on June 28, 2017.

Working Hours, Sleep, and Fatigue Webinar Series
HWD is offering a webinar series on work hours and related sleep and fatigue issues which will feature quarterly webinars by experts. Speakers will discuss evidence-based strategies to reduce the health and safety risks, methodological issues in conducting research on this topic, and future areas for research. Records of past webinars are also available.

Healthy Work Design and Well-Being Program Information

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