Map of TWH Affiliates in the USA

The mission of the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Affiliate Program is to foster an integrated approach to protecting and promoting worker well-being through collaborations with not-for-profit and government organizations.

Current NIOSH TWH Affiliates


Potential Affiliates include:

  • academic institutions
  • labor organizations
  • public sector entities, such as Federal, state, or local government agencies
  • nonprofit associations that are related to health and occupational safety

Potential Affiliates should disclose to NIOSH any significant existing or potential occupational safety and health issues which create or may create an appearance of misalignment with the principles of TWH. This includes investigations or citations by federal, state, or local health, environment, and labor agencies and violations of occupational safety and health regulations or laws.

Potential Activities

Affiliates and NIOSH may consider the following as collaborative activities:

  • conduct joint research
  • develop programs, interventions, and other work-products
  • collaborate on seminars, meetings, trainings, and educational events
  • create and disseminate publications and other communication products
  • cross-promote individual and joint activities

To learn more about the NIOSH TWH Affiliate Program, please see the attached FAQspdf icon.

How can my organization become an Affiliate?

Academic, labor, nonprofit, government sector, and similar organizations with an interest in advancing worker safety, health, and well-being by becoming a NIOSH TWH Affiliate may contact us at