Spirometry Longitudinal Data Analysis Software

Spirometry Longitudinal Data Analysis (SPIROLA) Software

SPIROLA Software

Longitudinal FVC values (green dots) plotted against age and evaluated against the cross-sectional limits: lower limit of normal (purple line) and 0.1th percentile (≈60% predicted, orange line)

SPIROLA software is an easy-to-use visual and quantitative tool intended to assist the health care provider in monitoring and interpreting computerized longitudinal spirometry data for individuals as well as for a group. The software is only intended to assist the user in assembling the information required to make medical decisions, but cannot be substituted for competent and informed professional judgment. NIOSH does not warrant the reliability or accuracy of the software, graphics, or text. The users need to be aware of applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations that may impact utilization of this software. SPIROLA has been developed and is maintained by CDC and is licensed by CDC to be downloaded free of charge from the CDC webpage by anybody who may need it.

SPIROLA is easy to install and test-run with a demonstration database included with the software (names in the database are fictional). SPIROLA Worksite Assessment module is optional and is designed to help with worksite exposure evaluation (see user manual). SPIROLA only supports 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office. Additionally, if you do not have Microsoft Access 2007 or a newer version installed, download and install the 32-bit version of the Microsoft Access 2010 runtimeexternal icon.

Version 3.0.3 includes the following new features or functions:

  1. Fixed errors associated with connecting to Microsoft SQL Server data sources.
  2. Fixed issue with calculation of Relative Limit of Longitudinal Decline.
  3. Updated the labels on the Relative and Absolute Within-person Variation forms.

Note: Version 3.0.3 uses default settings of 4% for pairwise-within person variation and 40 mL/yr for referential rate of decline. The ACOEM recommended longitudinal limit based on a decline of 15% from baseline in excess of that expected due to aging can be specified by selecting a 6% pairwise-within person variation and 30 mL/yr referential rate of decline in the Options tab.

Please send us your questions or comments on SPIROLA.

Table 1
Download 32-bit 64-bit Last Updated
SPIROLA V3.0.3 (28 MB) downloadzip icon January 25, 2017
SPIROLA Worksite Assessment (1.5 MB) download download January 25, 2011

Spirola User Manualpdf icon (includes detailed installation instructions)
Fact Sheetpdf icon

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