Spirometry Approved Courses and Sponsors

How can I find an existing NIOSH-approved course?

The map below provides states that have initial and refresher classes scheduled. Contact course sponsors for registration from the class schedule listing.

  • To find a course sponsor willing to travel and hold a class in your location, see Course Sponsors that Travel.
  • Initial classes are offered two ways: in-person (Onsite) and live, instructor-led virtual webinars. Refresher classes are offered three ways: in-person (Onsite), live instructor-led webinars, and web-based. See Course Schedule page for details.
  • Sponsors in Mexico — Sponsor #107 and Sponsor #122 — teach internationally. Most classes are in Mexico, Central and South America.
  • Locate a NIOSH-approved Course Sponsor by name.

To find courses, click on a state or use the drop-down menu below the map. Highlighted states: On-site Initial and Refresher classes.
Online refresher classes available in all states.

Page last reviewed: June 9, 2015