Young Retail Workers – Violence at Work

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Retail work is one of the highest risk jobs for workplace violence. Violence isn’t just hitting, fighting, and shooting. It can also be sexual harassment, rape, bullying, stealing, and verbal abuse. Jobs that require you to work alone at night, handle money, and sell alcohol, particularly in poorly lit areas, will increase your risk for workplace violence. Workplace violence is more common, such as convenience stores and gasoline stations.

Tips for Staying Safe

  • You might want to talk to your supervisor about these things that NIOSH recommends employers do:
    • Keep windows from being covered up by signs or displays.
    • Make sure the place you work has enough light inside and out.
    • Make sure alarms and cameras work.
    • Make sure you stay informed about the security and safety plan.
    • Make sure all workers know which doors should stay locked. Check those doors often.
  • You should understand these ways to stay safe and know what to do in an emergency.


Retail businesses at high risk of assaults and violent acts include convenience stores, gas stations, and businesses that sell alcoholic beverages.

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