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Safety in Design and Construction: A Lifecycle Approachexternal icon
The Harvard School of Public Health Center for Continuing Professional Education offers a program entitled Safety in Design and Construction: A Lifecycle Approach which was created using prevention through design methodologies. This comprehensive Harvard program targets safety and pre-planning during every phase of a project. Beginning with the concept, through design, construction, and operation phases of a new facility, the program considers elimination of hazards to workers and mitigation of environmental compliance requirements. The program covers accepted strategies and best practices related to every phase of construction.

Prevention through Design: an ASSE TR-Z790.001-2009 Technical Report: Guidelines for Addressing Occupational Risks in Design and Redesign Processesexternal icon
This Technical Report provides guidance on including prevention through design concepts and processes as a specifically identified element in a safety and health management system so that decisions pertaining to occupational risks are incorporated into the design and redesign processes, including consideration of the life cycle of facilities, materials, and equipment. The Technical Report complements but is not intended to replace existing specific standards and procedures, but rather to support those that meet the performance objectives defined in this document or other standards.

National Safety Council’s Institute for Safety through Designexternal icon
This organization’s mission is to reduce the risk of injury, illness and environmental damage by integrating decisions affecting safety, health and the environment in all stages of the design process.

Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SAChE) Programexternal icon
This program provides teaching materials and programs to bring elements of process safety into the education of undergraduate and graduate students studying chemical and biochemical products and processes.

Design for Construction Safetyexternal icon
This site provides information on design as a critical aspect of construction safety, including resources and information on the OSHA Alliance Program Construction Roundtable.

Minerva Safety Management Educationexternal icon
Minerva is a not for profit corporation dedicated to improving business effectiveness through Safety Management Education.

Safety in Designexternal icon
This UK organization provides benchmarked standards for knowledge and competence for designers.

Design Best Practiceexternal icon
This UK organization provides information and resources to assist people in complying with UK construction design management regulations. It includes case studies.

Australian Safety and Compensation Councilexternal icon
The Australian Government’s Safe Design Initiative. Safe Design is a process of hazard identification and risk assessment to eliminate or minimize risk of injury through out the life of the product.

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