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Prevent Struck-by Incidents at Crash Scenes
More than 200 law enforcement officers died due to struck-by incidents from 2005-2019 (24% of motor vehicle-related officer deaths). This infographic explains how officers can prevent struck-by incidents at crash scenes.

Keep Officers Safe on the Road
Motor vehicle-related incidents are the leading cause of on-the-job deaths for law enforcement officers in the U.S. This infographic provides key stats and recommends ways that officers can prevent crashes and injuries.

Fact Sheets

Law Enforcement Agencies: How to Prevent Motor Vehicle Collisions
NIOSH Publication No. 2021-122
This fact sheet highlights results from a study evaluating the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s safe driving program. It also includes recommendations for agencies and safe driving messages for officers.


Law Enforcement Officer Motor Vehicle Crash and Struck-by Fatality Investigations: A Pilot Program
NIOSH Publication No. 2017-121
This flyer provides information about the program’s investigations and reports.

Take Charge of Your Safety In and Around Your Patrol Vehicle
NIOSH Publication No. 2015-109 (February 2015)
This flyer gives law enforcement officers five recommendations to reduce their risk of a motor-vehicle crash while on-duty.


Officer Road Code Toolkit
NIOSH Publication No. 2019-100
This toolkit is designed to promote safe driving practices within an agency so that patrol officers operate by a unified code behind the wheel: Drive to Arrive Alive.