Industry and Occupation Coding


Collecting and Using I&O Data

Here, you will learn more about industry and occupation data collection, as well as a series of guidelines, presentations, and publications related to I&O coding.

I&O information serves many purposes. It is collected to:

  • Associate specific health outcomes (e.g., a particular cancer or cause of death or injury) with certain industries and/or occupations
  • Identify areas in need of further research
  • Assess socioeconomic status and identify persons who may be at high-risk of disease or injury
  • Provide information that may be applied to interventions or prevention actions

This type of information can be used by public health workers, industrial organizations, employers, healthcare providers, and others to provide the best possible hazard abatement and control, and safety and health programs for workers.

Many data sets contain narrative text for industry and occupation, including:

  • Vital records systems (birth and death certificates)
  • Cancer registries
  • Workers’ compensation systems
  • Healthcare records
  • Health surveys

Page last reviewed: November 15, 2017