Industry and Occupation Coding


Collecting and Using I&O Data

Here, you will learn more about industry and occupation data collection, as well as a series of guidelines, presentations, and publications related to I&O coding.

  1. Misspelled words: Spell information correctly when it’s being collected. It is more likely to code correctly during the autocoding process, (see the Coding  page to learn more about autocoding).
  2. Punctuation: Do not enter any punctuation marks (e.g.,{[ ( ) . “ // ?)
  3. Blanks: If a respondent doesn’t know or want to provide their industry and occupation, enter a “99” for refused. Do not enter a period (.) or leave a blank space.

Many data sets contain narrative text for industry and occupation, including:

  • Vital records systems (birth and death certificates)
  • Cancer registries
  • Workers’ compensation systems
  • Healthcare records
  • Health surveys