Work-related Asthma

Prevention of Work-related Asthma: Study Search

Welcome to the Prevention of Occupational Asthma: Study Search page!  This page provides access to a searchable, annotated bibliography of 140 articles that describe 142 primary or secondary occupational asthma prevention activities, complete with summaries of relevant methods and findings.  The articles have been indexed and the links below allow you to search for studies based on different characteristics:

Type of Intervention – with options for Prevention Level and Specific Intervention Activity

Type of Agent – with options for Molecular Weight of Agent and Agent Category

All Entries – where you can browse all entries

Advanced Query – where you can craft your own search for studies based on five characteristics (Prevention Level, Specific Intervention Activity, Molecular Weight of Agent, Agent Category, and Specific Agent)

Available Studies

Prevention of Occupational Asthma

Watch the video on “Research to Inform the Prevention of Asthma in Health Care – Research Study” by Paul Henneberger:

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Page last reviewed: March 5, 2014