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Teaching Young Workers About Job Safety and Health

NIOSH is pleased to present Youth@Work—Talking Safety, a foundational curriculum in occupational safety and health. This curriculum, maintained by the NIOSH Safe • Skilled • Ready Workforce Program, is the culmination of many years’ work by a consortium of partners dedicated to reducing occupational injuries and illnesses among youth.

This fun, free, and engaging curriculum is meant to be used in a classroom or other group training setting, and has been customized for each state, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to address their specific child labor rules and regulations. Talking Safety is data-driven and routinely updated based on current research and changes to rules and regulations.

The entire booklet includes instructions for teachers and a step-by-step guide for presenting the material.

Teaching Talking Safety, a series of six short videos, is also available to provide guidance to teachers of Talking Safety.


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