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Youth@Work—Talking Safety Curriculum for Georgia

July 2019
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2015-127 (Revised 07/2019)
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The new Youth@Work—Talking Safety is a fun, free, and engaging curriculum that helps teachers and school/community-based job placement staff educate young people about the basics of job safety and health. The curriculum presents essential information and career-readiness skills through a focus on eight core competencies. The skills gained through the Talking Safety curriculum are transferable across industries and occupations and will help students stay safe and healthy at work now and throughout their lives.

Each of the six main lessons is designed for a 45-minute class period. There are also five supplemental 45‑minute lessons that include additional activities that may be used in conjunction with the main lessons. The curriculum is flexible and can easily be tailored to the needs of your students.

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The following links contain the Talking Safety curriculum for Georgia, the accompanying PowerPoint presentation, and a companion video:

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